Samraekt Laugarmyri ltd. was founded in 2017 as the first aquaponics production company in Iceland. The founders of the company are Dagny Stefansdottir, owner of Gardyrkjustodin Laugarmyri and Ragnheidur Thorarinsdottir, owner and founder of Samraekt ltd. Samraekt Laugarmyri is currently building a new greenhouse for expansion of the aquaponics system at Laugarmyri.

The greenhouse farm at Laugarmyri was established in 1947 by Fridrik Ingolfsson, Ms Stefansdottir’s grandfather. He ran the company until 1988 when his daughter and Ms Stefansdottir’s mother, Jonina Fridriksdottir took over. Ms Dagny Stefansdottir has run the farm since 2011 as the third generation.

Samraekt Laugarmyri offers educational tours for groups in the greenhouses at Laugarmyri. More information can be found under Visit Us.