Iceland is the ideal place for the development of aquaponics. The country has abundant access to clean water and geothermal resources. On top of that, electricity used in Iceland is produced from renewable sources of energy, that is geothermal energy and hydropower.

Our company office is located in the capital Reykjavik and our farm Laugarmýri is located in Skagafjordur in the north of Iceland.


Laugarmýri is a family owned farm that started cultivating plants in 1947. It’s first products were roses and other flowers. Afterwards, it started growing cucumbers, tomatoes, salad and other vegetables. From the get go, the mindset of this farm has always been to make the most out of everything. Hence, it is now growing vegetables using aquaponics.

By coming to visit us at Laugarmýri or in Reykjavik, you will learn about the cycle of water, geothermal energy and nutrients in aquaponics.


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101 Reykjavík


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